COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resource Materials

COVID-19 Training for Onsite Workers – This training is required for all UW-Madison employees and researchers who work on campus. The training will help you understand COVID-19 symptoms, how to self-monitor, use of face coverings, how to safely navigate around campus, and cleaning surfaces. (updated 7.29.20)

COVID-19 Testing and Access – A filterable guide to common questions about COVID-19 testing and safety measures to help you navigate the 2021 Spring Semester on campus. (1.12.21)

OVCRGE Guidance in cases of employee COVID-19 direct exposures or positive tests – Also includes information about testing, contact tracing, and cleaning. Please refer to the UW Smart Restart website for additional information. (7.13.20)

Mask Incident Report Form – Campus reporting form for concerns about students or others that are not wearing masks per Campus policy. (8.5.20)

CoE Smart Restart Ordering Form – Use this form to order materials related to Covid-19 prevention – disinfectant spray, paper towels, face masks and face shields, etc…  Do not use this form for normal room or lab cleaning supplies or PPE that you would be ordering otherwise. Orders will be placed weekly on Tuesdays. There is not a cost to departments for these supplies. (8.5.20)

Training during COVID – Use this guidance when training needs to occur on equipment and/or lab protocols. (9.22.20)

FAQs on Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission – good set of resources related to aerosol transmission of COVID and protection from aerosols.

Face Covering Care – This form describes when to use face masks and shields and how to clean/disinfect them properly. (8.20.20)

UW-Madison Smart ReStart – Campus information about returning to work, research, and classes. (8.24.20)

FP&M COVID page – Health and Safety guidance from EHS and FP&M. (8.24.20)

Phase 1 Researchers and Employees Returning to College of Engineering Buildings – Memo from CoE Research Services, CoE Safety and CoE Facilities about returning to the buildings, masks, and custodial services. (6.3.20)

CoE Phased Resumption of Research Activities Memorandum – CoE Safety and Research Services guidance in preparing Phase 1 Return to Research requests. (5.18.20)

OVCRGE Research Restart message to PI’s – OVCRGE comments on returning for Phase 1 Return to Research activities. (6.2.20)

Phase 2 changes and process for approval – Updates and guidance for PI’s for submitting a Phase 2 plan. (7.8.20)

Q&A for Research Restart Webinar: Webex webinar held for those interested in asking questions about Phase 1 research, safety, facilities or human resources (recorded on 6.4.20)

Guidance for Vendors:  CoE Safety’s guidance for bringing contractors, installers, technicians, etc., and research collaborators into CoE buildings and labs during Phase One COVID-19 operations. (6.11.20 – updated 8.25.20)

UW-Madison Public Health Protocols for Reopening – High-level overview of campus public health protocols designed by UW-Environment, Health and Safety to support the resumption of UW-Madison research activities and other approved UW-Madison activities under Phase 1 of the reopening process. (6.8.20)

Vehicular Travel for Research: Document which describes precautions needed for traveling to a field research site during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Includes discussion of vehicle occupancy, use of face coverings, and disinfection practices. (6.18.20)

Travel Exemptions during COVID Operations: Document which describes when travel exemptions are required and approval of travel during the Covid-19 Pandemic. (8.27.20)

Return to Lab Checklist  – Researchers returning to the lab should use this checklist to help them bring labs up to speed safely. (5.14.20)

How to Wear a Face Mask Properly – The CDC made the recommendation after research found that a significant portion of people with corona virus do not have any symptoms and that people can spread the virus before showing symptoms. Wearing a face covering is another way that we can avoid unknowingly spreading the disease. Face masks are required in CoE buildings during phase 1 return to research operations. (5.25.20)

How to Wear Your Ear Savers – Ear Savers take pressure and friction off the ears, making all masks more comfortable and can help masks fit tighter to your face. (5.25.20)

Lab Occupancy Sign – Use this template to post how many researchers are expected to be in the lab during Phase 1 research operations. (6.3.20)


If you have any questions or concerns please contact:
Jesse Decker
Director for Safety